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Hey there,

First off, How are you, are you well?

So, this is just the Weirdest year ever, right!!

We started 2020 with a 17 date UK tour all booked and planned. With a 4 track Ep, tracked and ready to record. Then Covid showed up!

The three of us decided early on, to pull out of any and all show commitments for the tour. Hoping we could maybe salvage a few dates towards the end of the year, but as the pandemic took hold, it was more than obvious to us, that this just isn’t doable!

So what to do…

After several drunken skype calls and such like! We decided, that instead of settling for yet another Ep release. We are going back into studio mode, to record our first Album!

Yep An Album!

Its been in the making for several months now and this Pandemic has given us the perfect opportunity to finally focus on it, track it and get it recorded!

But, Before we slip away into recording mode, we thought we’d drop a track to remind you that we are still here…

We give you, Our version of, Right Now, by Korn. Taken from their 2003 Album, ‘ Take a look in the Mirror.’

Used with permission and under license*

This is a digital release and is Live on all your digital stores and platforms now!

Get the single here:


OR, Search @Torqued across all of your digital platforms*

Thank you for your continued support!

We’ll see you in 2021 with a new Album!

Kurt, Marc and Rimmy. Torqued 2020

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