We Are Torqued!

Constricted By Nothing, Answerable To No One!


“Torqued are a Groove Laden Heavy Metal Band based in the Deep South of the UK. With more hooks than an abattoirs chiller, their unique brand of Heavy Metal has been constructed with one goal in mind… To rip faces and blow gauges!”


Torqued were formed in November 2016 and hit the ground running with a 3 track Digital release, a lyric video and an exclusive range on Merch.


Not being content with this, Torqued landed a series of Festival Performances throughout the UK, including, ‘Bloodstock’, ‘The Mosh against Cancer’, ‘Ashesfest’, ‘Wildfire’, ‘Amplified’, The ‘Uprising Aftermath’, Pentrefest and ‘Rockfest’..

After road testing the set, 2018 saw Torqued release their debut Physical CD, with the EP, ‘ ‘RESURGENCE’, this received critical acclaim, taking Torqued to a whole new Level.


2019 see’s the release of their second EP, ‘Coup de Grace’. With a full range of exclusive Merch and a run of Shows throughout the year, taking Torqued into 2020…


Torqued are:
Marc: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar.
Rimmy: Backing Vocals, Guitar.
Kurt: Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion.
“So heavy and catchy that you can feel the pressure in your neck building up before you’ve even started moving!”

“Sounding meatier than a Peperami convention in an abbatoir, they take the classic down tuned nu-metal sound, remove all of the tired and overused old cliches,then finally add several tablespoons of doom and polish until it shines so bright that you can’t help but take notice.”

~Totally Tankered

” ‘Forgotten Soul’ kicks off with full on, white-hot, groove metal intensity and feels like Pantera and American Head Charge in a blender. The result is abrasively heavy as this beast grinds you into the dust with its sheer force and barrelling rhythms. Frankly, it’s over too quick but then there’s only so much blunt force trauma anyone can take!”


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